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About Steve Carter

Steve Carter is a small business owner and a conservative, reform-minded legislator who is leading the charge to improve some of Louisiana’s challenges.

Steve is a native of Baton Rouge. He is a graduate of University Laboratory School and Louisiana State University where he served as Student Government President and was a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity.


Upon graduating from LSU, Steve entered the United States Air Force and became a Captain.


Steve married Gloria Solomon, originally of New Orleans. He and Gloria have two children Amelia Carter Hunt and Solomon Carter. Amelia is married to Jack Hunt and they have four daughters Yvie, Carter, Julia, and Addie.

Steve is driven to serve this state and committed to improving it for future generations of Baton Rouge residents.

Steve's Record

Proven leadership in promoting accountability and excellence in education


Supported giving law enforcement the tools they need to fight crime

Supported economic growth and job creation policies which provide opportunity for all citizens

Proven consensus builder for the Capital Region, securing investment in key transportation projects

Combated wasteful spending in state government by supporting the reduction of the state budget 


Advocated for fully funding

LSU, Southern, and TOPS.

"My commitment to the people of Senate District 16 is simple--

I will continue the practice of putting real, tangible solutions over politics.

That's the only way we will see our traffic improve and our state prosper.'

- Steve Carter -

Steve's Core Beliefs


"We must reign in government spending and taxation to make Louisiana a place where all citizens have the chance to succeed. Government needs to complete its essential roles well, like transportation infrastructure,  and limit its role in many other areas."



"The constitutional rights of law abiding citizens should not be violated in response to the inexcusable actions of a few. Proudly, I will continue to support sportsmen and law abiding taxpayers in this state while working to address the issue of access to mental health services and getting tough on the real criminals using illegal guns."




"There is nothing more important than the protection of innocent human life. I am solidly pro-life and pro-adoption; I will continue to proudly champion these causes as a legislator and as a proud father." 



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